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Why Jay for your next apartment?

We have contracts with hundreds of commuities, this means we have access to thousands of apartments at any given time. We will narrow down the apartments find the best for the situation, and we do this all for FREE!!! We get paid by the apartments.

We can help you, and our conditions are simple.

  • We will only search for a rental if you are in the office.
  • 100% honestly is required on both sides of the table (We will keep everything you tell us confidential)
  • Your income requirements must exceed 2.5 times the amount of desired rent, and must be verifiable with pay stubs.
  • All Rental Debt must be over 1 year, and no more than 3 in a five year span.
  • Background - No drugs (except possession or paraphernalia of marijuana)
  • All felonys need to be over 5 years and no Violent or sexual Crimes at all
  • Unfortunately I do not give rides to the properties, you will need your own transportation

What makes me unique is that I tell everyone to be ready to rent, we will see a property within the hour they show up at my desk.

I'm fast, and the best! I AM Jay, The West Valley's Immediate Move-in Specialist